William and Emily Harris were sentenced to 10 years to life in prison yesterday for the kidnaping of Patricia Hearst.

Alameda County District Attorney Lowell Jensen said the sentence will be quickly converted to meet requirements of a new law on sentencing. He said the term would then come to 10 years and eight months.

Attorney's for the couple said that with time off for good behavior and credit for time served, the Harrises would be released in 1983.

Facing the audience after sentencing Harris said, "I just wanted to tell all the folks out there that have been behind us in spirit that Emily and I love you very much. We're feeling very strong today." He then gave a Spanish salutation, which roughly translated says, "The struggle continues. We will win."

Prior to their court appearance, documents were released in which the Harrises denied that Hearst was tortured, raped, or bainwashed by her abductors. It was the first time they had replied directly to Hearst version of her captivity.

The Harrises entered guilty pleas Aug. 31 in a plea bargain they said would ensure their release by 1983. They already are serving a 11-year-to-life sentences for a Los Angeles shootout.