The Supreme Court meets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today with the following cases listed for oral argument:

Case Nos. 77-837 and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] New Motor VehicleBoard of California and Northern California Motor Car Dealers Association, each vs. Fox Co. Due process. California Automobile Franchise Act. Constitutionality of state law that requires a motor-vehicle manufacturer, when intending to establish a new dealership within a 10-mile radius of an existing one selling the same brand, or is relocate a dealership, to notify state motor vehicle board, and that also automatically stays the intended action until the board holds a final hearing on the merits of any protest. (1 hr.)

Case No. [WORD ILLEGIBLE]United California Bank vs. U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Deductability from net long-term capitalgain of portion of such gain set aside for charity by a decedent's estate. (35 min.)

Case No. [WORD ILLEGIBLE]Michigan vs. Doran. Extradition. When a fugativeis accused of a crime, must a state demanding extradition demonstrate that there is probable cause to believe that he committed the crime? (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-1115 - Lalli vs. Lalli. Equal Protection. Due process. New York law providing that an illegitimate child is the legitimate child of the father only if during his lifetime the mother's pregnancy, or during a two-year period after the child was born, a proceeding is instituted that results in an order of filiation.