Rep. Joshua Eilberg (D-Pa.) has filed a statement with a House investigating committee denying charges that he broke House rules and federal law by taking more than $100,000 from his law firm while it was helping a Philadelphia hospital get a federal grant.

Eilberg's response to the Sept. 13 charges by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct said he denied "knowingly" receiving money from the firm from 1975 to 1977 for work before the Community Services Administration. He also demanded specifics about the general allegations in the charges.

It has been reported that Eilberg's law firm received $500,000 in legal fees from Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia for work in getting financing for a $55 million addition.

The congressman has acknowledged receiving money from the firm while in office, but he said it was for work before local and state, not federal, agencies.

It is against House rules for members to be paid for representing clients before federal gaovernment agencies. It is against federal law for members of COngress to receive additional compensation for their official duties.

The charges against Eilberg will be aired in a public hearing and then the committee must decide whether to recommend discipline to the full House. The penalty, if he is found guilty of any of the charges, could range from reprimand to expulsion.

A federal grand jury in Philadelphia also has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the hospital's financing.