A recound of primary election ballots confirmed yesterday that Nadine P. Winter won the Democratic nomination for reelection as D.C. City Council member from Ward 6 over challenger Patricia Rice Press.

A final, semiofficial tabulation showed that Winter defeated Press by 120 votes out of more than 10,000 cast on Sept. 12 after an acrimonious campaign. Before Press asked for the recount, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics had certified Winter as the victor by 105 votes.

Ward 6 includes Capitol Hill and a large section of Anacostia.

After a tedious hand count of all ballots that lasted more than eight hours, elections board staff members used a hand-held calculator to produce this tally at 7:45 p.m. last night:

Winter - 5.085

Press - 4,965

A formal certification of the new figures could come at a board meeting today.

The previously certified count was 5,046 for Winter and 4,941 for Press. With 422 for George Gurley and 199 for David Hall. No figures were announced last night for Gurley and Hall.

Winter, chairman of the council's housing committee, said the results should "put to rest some of the accusations made about the accuracy of the original ballot counts" by Press partisans. She voiced hope that all Democrats would close ranks to win the Nov. 7 general election.

Press, a real estate investor and laundromat operator making her first political bid, said she had not decided whether to support Winter in the general election race. Winter faces opposition from Statehood Party nominee Anton V. Wood and independent Sonny Better. There is no Republican nominee.

Press said she would demand that the election board account for nearly 7,000 left-over ballots that were printed but not cast in the Sept. 12 election to assure that there was no tampering with the voting. She contended that there was widespread confusion that resulted in irregularities on election day.

Press paid the estimated $320 larities on election day.

Press paid the estimated $320 cost of yesterday's recount.