The Supreme Court meets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today with the following cases listed for oral argument:

Case No. 77-515 - Holt Civic Club vs. Tuscaloosa. One process. Equal protection. Alabama law allowing a municipality to impose certain regulations on residents of an adjoining area even though they cannot participate in the government of the municipality. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-952 - Group Life & Health Insurance Co. vs. Royal Drug Co. Antitrust. McCarran-Ferguson Act. Whether the "business of insurance" that McCarran-Ferguson exempts from the antitrust laws includes retail price arrangements between insurers and pharmacies to provide prescription drugs under a prepayment health-care plan. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-832 - Federal Reserve System vs. First Lincolnwood Corp. Bank Holding Co. Act. Whether a national bank's application to form a new bank-holding company that the comptroller of the currency has approved must be approved by the Fed, even though it believes the structure of the new company would be unsound - unless it can find that the company would cause or worsen unsound conditions in the bank. (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-6245 - Hunter vs. Dean. Equal protection. Whether it is denied by imprisonment of an indigent defendant who is unable to keep pledge to pay, in a lump sum, a fine that was imposed as a condition for probation. (1 hr.)