Rep. Daniel J. Flood (D-Pa.) was indicted yesterday on charges of trading his influence as a prowerful House Appropoiations subcommittee chairman for $65,000, bank stock and a promise of $100,000 more.

A federal grand jury in Washington returned the 10-count conspiracy and bribery indictment alleging that the colorful 74-year-old Food and his former top aide, Stephen B. Elko, plotted to "corruptly influence" nine federal government agencies on behalf of businessmen who paid them for help in getting federal grants.

Those named as giving money to Flood included Dr. Murdock Head, a prominent Washington physician who heads the nonprofit Airlie Foundation and is now on leave from George Washington University a rabbi from New York who has already pleaded guilty to bribing Flood, and a housing developer from Flood's district.

All those named except Head are cooperating with Justice Department prosecutors according to one source familiar with the investigation.

Head, who previously had denied making payments to Elko or Flood is alleged to have given $2700 to assure that his foundation and school would get federal contracts that were let without bids. The U.S. attorneys of fice in Alexandria is continuing the investigation of Head, sources said.

Yesterday's indictment was the second against Flood in recent weeks. The congressman, who is up for reelection in November was charged last month in Los Angeles with perjury in connection with a related case.

Flood issued a statement yesterday saying he denied all the charges "totally and unequivocally." He said, "I am confident I will be proven innocent in a court of law."

He also noted the tining of the indictment so near the election and added, "Neither absurd charges nor their attendant innuendoes will prevent my constituents from expressing