Dr. Leon T. Davis, the first military doctor to stage a sit-down strike, yesterday was ordered by the Army to stop eating his meals off base during his period of house arrest.

Davis, an Army captain and a radiologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, apparently infuriated his commander by appearing on the Metromedia Panorama television show during his lunch hour yesterday when he was authorized to leave the hospital compound.

On that program, David repeated his previously published allegations that military medical care is often sub standard and that the Army had failed to fulfill is part of his enlistment contract, impelling him to refuse to practice.

Maj. Gen. George I. Baker, commander of Walter Reed, who has recommended that Davis be court-martialed for refusing to obey orders and going absent without leave, stiffened his earlier house arrest order right after the doctor appeared on television.

That appearance, Baker complained in a new order issued to David yesterday, was "plainly" not "within the reasonable meaning of my order." From now on Baker, said, the doctor must take all his meals at Walter Reed.

Davis is confined to the Walter Reed Inn across Georgia Avenue from the hospital until Army authorities decide whether to court-martial him or allow him to resign from the service as he has requested.