Republican J. Glenn Beall Jr. said yesterday his running mate, Aris T. Allen, will be put in charge of solving unemployment in Maryland should the two men win election next month as governor and lieutenant governor.

In the fourth of his Monday morning series of press conferences, Beall presented his position paper on the role of lieutenant governor, but also for lieutenant governor," and he emphasised that he and Allen have a "comfortable working relationship."

The only elements of surprise to emerge so far in the cautiously-waged race for governor have come from the public statements of Samuel W. Bogley, running mate of Democrat Harry R. Hughes.%TThen he disagreed with Hughes' statement that, should he leave office, Bogley would continue Hughes' policy of supporting state funding of abortions for poor women. Bogley said he was not sure about that and the two men spent five hours working out an agreement.

Allen has yet to disagree with Beall and has carved out a special role, appealing to blacks and minorities, the disadvantaged and now the unemployed.

Allen's proposals for fighting what he calls "structural unemployment," include a tax credit for industry, coordinating government and private job programs, holding job conferences and watching how the U.S. Comprehensive Employment Training Act program is administered in Maryland.

Allen an Annapolis physician who is state GOP chairman, said he would ask the state legislature to provide tax relief for employers who hire the "hard-core" unemployed and ask Congress to provide one-year "on-the job training," programs for youths not planning to attend college.

Beall also said that Allen would act as his watch dog at the state departments of human resources and health and mental hygiene.

Hughes has said that Bogley's role would be as coordinator of state and local policies and of programs for the economic development of Maryland.