The Army has formally recommended that its first sitdown doctor, Leon T. Davis of Walter Reed Medical Center, stand trial for refusing to continue to practice medicine within the military.

Unless the Army accepts his pending resignation, the 30-year-old radiologist will face a general court martial on four charges: failing to obey an order, failing to deploy to Korea, being absent without leave, and desertion.

Davis has said that he refused to work as a military doctor at Walter Reed or in Korea because the Army has broken its contract with him and therefore he had no obligation to continue his service. Terming the desertion charge "ridiculous", he said he made no attempt to hide from the Army after he notified Walter Reed superiors he would no longer practice.

Davis alleges that the Army failed to live to its promises concerning pay, leave, participation in medical meetings and supplying modern medical equipment. He has offered to repay the government what it paid toward his medical education if the Army accepts his resignation, according to his lawyers.

The court-martial was recommended Friday by the commander of the Military District of Washington, Maj. Gen. Kenneth E. Dohleman.

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