Twenty-four young people were arrested outside five Montgomery County high schools yesterday on marijuana possession charges, bringing the total number of youths arrested on drug charges near their schools during the past 4 1/2 weeks to 202.

Montgomery police spokesman Nacy Moses said the arrests will continue "until the (drug) problem ceases, until the school drug programs start having effect."

School officials have said they welcome police help in curbing drug use outside high and junior high schools. "We're still very much in support of the arrests," said Assistant Superintendent Florence McKenzie. "We regret that in spite of the arrests students still have to persist in using drugs."

Student government leaders have asked for an end to the daily arrests, saying undercover police have caused "paranola" among students.Student leaders also passed a resolution last week supporting decriminalization of marijuana use, although they said drug use on school grounds was a source of "concern and abhorrence" to them.

Four youths arrested at Springbrook High School yesterday were identified as Janine Anne Wilson, 18, a student who lives at 11235 Oakleaf Dr., Silver Spring; Charles Kevin Drew, 18, a former Springbrook student, 11215 Oakleaf Dr., Silver Spring; Nancy jane Estopinal, 18, a Montgomery College student, 9904 Portland Rd., Silver Spring, and one juvenile.

Police said five juveniles, aged 13 to 16, were arrested a block away from Earle B. Wood Junion High.

Six 15 and 16-year-old students at Montgomery Blair High were arrested on grounds adjacent to the school, police said.

Four Walter Johnson High and two Charles Woodward High Students were arrested at Walter Johnson, two of them adults: Pointer A. Roberts, 19, of 9003 Lindale, Bethesda, a student at Woodward, and Peter McIntyre, 18, 5818 Ipswich Rd., Bethesda, a Walter Johnson student.

Three students, aged 14 to 17, were reported arrested at Seneca Valley High.