One person was killed and two were injured yesterday when an Air Force jet fighter crashed at the edge of the downtown University of Arizona campus.

Police said the dead person was riding in a car that was hit by the plane and at least one other person in that car was severly burned.

Police said the pilot, Air Force Capt. Frederick Ashler, bailed out of the A7D Corsair as it passed over the university and parachuted to safety. He suffered minor injuries.

In Nashville, Tenn., the Army said it was investigating why a squadron of its helicopter gunships flew low over a southern Tennessee commune for several minutes, frightening many of its 1,100 residents.

The 1,750-acre commune, called The Farm, is an agricultural community that supplements its income with publishing and outside employment. About half of its residents are children. Members have been the object of some scorn by their more conservative neighbors who dislike their long hair and unconventional lifestyle.

In Twentynine Palms, Calif., the Navy said it has ordered an investigation of an incident in which jet planes accidentally dropped 32 live 500-pound bombs two miles from a residential area.

The spot is between two and three miles south of the intended target - a Marine Corps bombing range in this Mohave Desert community about 120 miles east of Los Angeles. No injuries or damage was reported in the bombing.