Jamie A. Scarborough, the Fairfax County woman charged with hiring two men to kill her estranged husband, testified yesterday that she and her husband were close and denied that she had anything to do with his death.

Scarborough, who testified for more than three hours at her own trail denied asking Betty Holler, who has testified she was the go-between in murder-for-hire plot, to find two man to kill her husband. "I never hired her (Holler) to do anything," she said.

Speaking in a calm voice in Fairax Circult Court, Scarborough acknowledged that she and her husband, George Harold Scarborough, were separated but she said they were still close. "I think we were probably closer to going back together before his death than ever," she said.

Her husband, who operated a Texaco gasoline station in Springfield, was, shot to death as he entered his town house at 6541 Yadkin Ct., Franconia, last Jan. 31.

Two men, Charles D. Stewart and James T. Clark Jr., have been convicted of killing his in exchange for $7,000 and juries have recommended the death penalty for both. Stewart testified against Scarborough on Wednesday and the prosecutor said he agreed to recommend a life sentence for him in exchange for that testimony.

Scarborough, 44, testified yesterday that although her husband and filed for divorce "it was off and on whether he wanted a divorce, I was under the assumption he wanted to get back together." She said her husband made repairs around her house, they would "on occasion" go out together, and had attended her daughter's college graduation and went to football games with her son.

Scarborough, who could be sentenced to death if convicted, said she had filed for divorce on grounds of adultery after her husband filed for divorce in September 1977, but said she only did so "on the advice of my attorney." It was only after her husband's slaying, she testified, that she learned that he had accused her in court documents of commiting adultery.

The defendant testified she met Holler for the first time on Holler's wedding day, last Dec. 1, when Holler and her new husband came to her house. But she said that although she talked on the phone with Holler a number of times she never discussed killing her husband.

Holler is also charged with capital murder in the slaying of Scarborough's husban.

After her husband's death, Scarborough testified, Holler "couldn't seem to do enough for me." She said Holler helped sell her husband's town house and helped her with some book-keeping.

She denied giving Holler $1,200 and $5,800, which allegedly were the payments made to Stewart and Clark.