Mark Lane, lawyer for James Earl Ray, reportedly told House investigators yesterday that former and offduty FBI agents assassinated the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lane refused to disclose publicly any evidence he might have. He said he would if the House panel did not.

Delegate Walter Fauntroy of the District of Columbia, chairman of the House Assassinations subcommittee investigating King's murder, said he was disappointed. "My conclusion is that there was no new evidence," Fauntroy said. He added, however, that his investigators are pursuing one lead provided by Lane.

The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy accompanied Lane to a meeting with Fauntroy and Rep. Louis Stokes (D-Ohio), chairman of the House Assassinations Committee.

Afterward, Abernathy said: "The information that Mr. Lane revealed is that it was former FBI agents and offduty FBI agents who took the life of Dr. King."

Abernathy, who headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for eight years after King's death, said Lane contends the evidence shows that Ray is innocent. But, said Abernathy, "that is not my position."

"My position," Abernathy said, "is that there was a conspiracy which may have involved James Earl Ray but certainly there were other persons involved in the conspiracy.