The radical truncation of the District of Columbia's planned freeway network has left a number of curious traffic flow problems around town that the D.C. Department of Transportation is planning to fix.

In Virginia, state and Arlington County officials, with the help of a U.S. court, still are debating Interstate 595, a planned half-mile leg through Crystal City that would speed Shirley Highway traffic to National Airport.

Virginia highway officials said last week that the project still is "actively being worked on." Construction was stopped when a court ordered that a full environmental impact statement had to be completed.

Neither county nor state officials would predict when the study will be ready for public hearing and further debate.

In the District, the following problems are scheduled for future attention by the D.C. Transportation Department.

It is impossible to go from the Southeast Freeway to Kenilworth Avenue northbound without crossing the Anacostia River on the Pennsylvania Avenue (Sousa) bridge and making an illegal U-turn. Many motorists do just that every day.

D.C. Transportation Planning Director James Clark said that the city is considering three plans, including a new bridge across the Anacostia, to correct the problem.

The RFK Stadium parking lots were to be served by a freeway along the west bank of the Anacostia. Temporary asphalt presently provides that access and the District of Columbia is planning some kind of permanent connection that would be available during stadium events only.

A major face-lifting and reconstruction of the Whitehurst Freeway is scheduled. As part of that program, something will be done to clean up the morass between one leg of the Whitehurst and Memorial Bridge. It presently is impossible to go from the southbound Whitehurst to Memorial Bridge without doing something illegal. Several proposals are under early study.