A House subcommittee will hold hearings on the Oct. 20 collision between the Coast Guard cutter Cuyahoga and a freighter in Chesapeake Bay, the chairman of the subcommittee said yesterday.

Eleven men were killed when the cutter collided with the Argentine-registered freighter Santa Cruz II and sank 57 feet to the bottom of the bay.

Rep. Mario Biaggi (D. N. Y.) chairman of the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation, said his decision to conduct the hearings was prompted by his own concern over the tragedy as well as the requests from two subcommittee members, Reps: Barbara Mikulski(D) and Robert Bauman (R), both of Maryland.

The congressional investigation, however, will not interfere with a probe by a marine inquiry board, Biaggi said. The board has been conducting hearings on the disaster in Baltimore in which some survivors of the Cuyahoga and crewmen of the Santa Cruz have testified.

The board, which includes members of the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board, ended its hearings in Baltimore Friday and will move to Yorktown, Va, tomorrow to interview the remaining survivors of the Cuyahoga, a training vessel based there.

Biaggi did not set a date for the hearings.