Harold Stassen, apparently spurred by Republican victors in Minnesota, announced yesterday that he will run for president again in 1980.

The never-say-die former governor, who is 70 and has been involved in presidential politics for more than 30 years, disclosed his plans at a news conference.

"As I now see it," Stassen said, "I will enter the Republican primaries for the presidential nomination."

He said he will run on a platform to "clean out the corruption in Washington" and "overcome inflation with full employment."

Stassen came back to his home state early this year to run for the Senate. He was handily defeated in the primary by Rudy Boschwitz, who went on to win Tuesday.

"The people of Minnesota have given our Republican Party a splendid victory," Stassen said. "It is the best Republican result in this election of any of the states of the Union."

Stassen said the GOP must "begin to look ahead to 1980 and to the very serious problems at home and abroad which have been so mismanaged by the Carter administration.

"It will be my endeaver to contribute constructively to the future of our country and our Republican Party through my presentation of programs for the decision by the people in the Republican primaries and the Republican convention in the next 20 months."

Stassen was a leading contender in 1948 for the GOP nomination for president and later made several bids to become the party's candidate.