Police smashed in the door of a downtown house early yesterday and rescued Brianda Domecq, the kidnaped daughter of a wealthy Spanish winemaker, arresting five of her abductors without firing a shot.

"It was spectacular," the unharmed New York born heiress said to reporters at Police headquarters. "The house was like a fortress and the police had to enter from the neighboring house.

"When the agents arrived (the kidnapers) woke me up roughly. I was afraid there would be shooting," she said.

Police said the five captured suspects and a sixth man who escaped were common criminals and not members of the September 23 Communist League as earlier reported. The five were being held on charges of kidnaping.

Police sources said they learned of the kidnapers' hideout after seizing one of the men in the bathroom of a department store in Mexico City as he left a note for the victim's husband, physician Fernando Rodriquez.

The 36-year-old mother of two was kidnaped Oct. 30 near the house of her father, famed brandy distiller edro Domecq. She was alone in her car after dropping off her two children on the outskirts of Mexico City.

She told reporters she was well treated throughtout her captivity.

"Three or four days ago the leader of the group gave his word of honor that with or without a ransom I would live," she said. "They worried about my health and emotional state. They asked me what I wanted to eat."

Her captors had been planning the kidnaping for several months and had "known all of my movements," she said. They had been thinking of kidnapping my father but didn't because of his age."

Pedro Deomecq later told reporter he was sure sure daughter would be freed yesterday or today "since we were negotiating the payment of the $5 million ransom."

Earlier reports put the kidnapers' original ransom demands at $4.3 million and said they later dropped it to $1 million. Police said no ransom was paid.

Pedro Demecq, admitted to a hospital after his daughter's kidnaping whe he said the suffered a relapse of heart condition, told reporters at his house. "The return of my daughter fixed my health problems."