Three juveniles were arrested yesterday on marijuana possession charges near Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Montgomery County police reported.

The arrests occurred at 1:30 p.m., one half block away from the school which, at 501 Dale Drive, police said. They said the three 15-year old youths are all students at the school and that one of those arrested was also charged with concealing a weapon.

Since Montgomery County police began cracking down on drug use and possession on or near county schools, 291 juveniles have been arrested. tioner, you and your damned president support him. This is the reason all Iranian people hate you. Down with imperialism. Down with Zionism. Down with communism. Viva Islam."

Another unsigned handbill gave Dec. 1 as a deadline for Americans to leave. Many Americans are taking this hostility seriously and leaving. But the great majority are staying, and all but a few of the estimated 500 U.S. companies in Iran seem determined to remain in business here and cope with the present turmoil.

"It has not reached the bail-out point," one U.S. official said. "But there is a kind of modest exodus that has been going on for a couple of weeks now, mostly involving dependents."

Sources said an estimated 4,000 Americans have left, with about 41,000 remaining. They did not rule out further departures if the harassment continues.

One planeload of American dependents was reported to have left yesterday for the Persian Gulf sheikhdom of Bahrain aboard a chartered Boeing 737, and several major U.S. companies are said to be making plans to evacuate their employes in case of emergency.

In the oil strike, the official Iranian news agency said most of the 37,000 workers failed to respond to the government order to end the two-week stoppage. Nevertheless, production was reported to have risen to 2.7 million barrels yesterday, up from 2.3 million barrels Saturday. The low last week was 880,000 barrels and the normal output is about 5.3 million barrels a day.

News agencies reported the following developments on Iran:

Sajid Rizvi, United Press International bureau manager in Tehran, who was expelled from Iran last Friday through a misunderstanding, received an Iranian visa yesterday in London and will return to Tehran later this week, UPI reported.

Reuter reported from the Iranian oil city of Abadan that workers at the huge refinery there said troops had been posted throughout the complex, that the 12-member strike coordinating committee had been disbanded and that strike leaders were in custody.

Reuter reported that the workers said production was up to 370,000 barrels a day and should reach the normal level of 5000,000 barrels in a few days. Production at other areas was reported at half normal levels, however, with total output still far below levels before the violence began.