Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan said yesterday that "the entire text" of the Israel-Egyptian peace treaty has been agreed upon by both sides and that the only differences lie in the annex linking the treaty with the future of the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip.

Arriving here for a two-day Cabinet debate on the progress of the peace talks in Washington, Dayan said, "We are about ending the text of the main peace treaty."

Dayan acknowledged there are "several items - about two of them that are not acceptable to us, and I believe about two of them which are not acceptable to the Egyptians."

But, Dayan said, "as a matter of fact, the entire text of the peace treaty is already finished and the same is (true) with the annexes, the political and military ones . . ."

Talking with reporters at Ben-Gurion Airport upon his return, Dayan said, "that doesn't mean here and there that there aren't differences of views. But as far as the hard job, this is done and we have completed the main draft of both . . . the next and the annexes - both the political and the military."

Of the differences over the linkage between the unilateral Egyptian-Israeli treaty and the solution of Palestinian Arab self-determination on the West bank and gaza Strip, Dayan said:

"We do not accept the Ehyptian proposal, the words that have been submitted to us, so now the Americans came forward with their own proposals about it . . . so there are consultions with the Egyptians about it."

When asked what new proposals he was bring to the Cabinet, Dayan said, "I'm not bringing with me anything new, any news, any new stuff. I've been asked to come over and take part in the consultations, but I haven't got with me in my file any surprises, any new ideas."

The Cabinet has scheduled a three-hour meeting today and an allday session on Thursday, after which the Israeli delegation is expected to return to Washington to complete the peace talks.