Five persons are known to have been killed Saturday in an attack on a group investigating a religious settlement near Port Kaituma, Guyana. They included a California congressman, two members of a National Broadcasting Co. television news crew, and a photographer for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper.

The identity of the fifth victim, believed to have been a member of the People's Temple religious community who was seeking to leave with the fact-finders, was not immediately known.

Don Harris, 41, the NBC News investigative reporter who was killed in Guyana on Saturday, was a former prize-winning newsman for WTOP-TV in Washington. He won an award here for his coverage of the riots in the city that followed the assassination of the Rev. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

He also had won an award in Dallas, Texas, for his stories on lax security procedures at airports and for admissions policies at hospital emergency rooms. He moved from Dallas to Los Angeles in 1973 to become a newsman and weekend anchor man for KNBC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles. He became an NBC network correspondent in 1975.

Les Crystal, the president of NBC News, said in New York that he was "shocked at the tragic and senseless deaths" of Mr. Harris and Robert Brown, an NBC cameraman, and at the wounding of Steve Yung, an NBC soundman.

"Don Harris was a reporter who always wanted to be where the action was," Crystal said. "He reported for NBC News from Southeast Asia where he exemplified a skill and courage few reporters achieve."

Mr. Harris was born in Montgomery County, Ga. He worked for WTVT-TV in Tampa, Fla., before joining WTOP-TV in Washington.

He lived in Woodland Hills, Calif., with his wife and three children.