Fraud charges were dismissed yesterday against Toby Long, a Prince William County woman who was accused this summer of trying to pass a drug prescription written by former White House drug adviser Dr. Peter Bourne for a fictious person.

Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Paul B. Ebert yesterday elected not to prosecute Long, 26, on felony charges of presenting a forged prescription.

Long, a physical therapist with the Prince William County school system who had no criminal record before her arrest in July, was apprehended in a Woodbridge drug store after she tried to secure a prescription for the drug Quaalude for a friend, Ellen Metsky, an aide to Bourne.

Bourne, who admitted writing the prescription for a fictitious person to save Metsky from embarrassment, resigned his White House position on July 20.

Ebert chose to prosecute neither Bourne nor Metsky.

Long, who was placed on leave from her job soon after she was arrested, returned to work in August, according to her lawyer, David Sher.

Sher said yesterday that Long never appeared in court in connection with the charges and was "up front" with county police from the beginning. "She is really a sweet girl and she took this whole thing like a champ," Sher said.