Here is a chronology of events in the life of the Rev. Jim Jones, head of the Peoples Temple.

1953 - Jim Jones, a 22-year-old unordained minister, opens a small interdenominational church in Indianapolis, selling monkeys to raise money for a church.

1961 - Jones, an advocate of civil rights, is named director of the Indianapolis Human Rights Commission.

1961-1963 - Jones spends two years as a missionary in Belo Horizante, Brazil. He pays a brief visit to Guyana.

1963 - Jones returns to his Indianapolis church, now called The Peoples Temple Full Gospel Church, affiliated with the Disciples of Christ.

1964 - Jones is ordained as a Disciples of Christ minister.

1965 - Jones moves with about 100 followers to Redwood Valley, 100 miles north of San Francisco, claiming that the secluded area will be safe in the event of a nuclear war.

1966-1969 - Jones purchases a church and other property.

1971 - Peoples Temple purchases the Albert Pike Memorial Temple in San Francisco and a second church in Los Angeles.

1973 - A church party of 20 visits Guyana.

1974 - Jones negotiates a lease with the Guyanese government covering 27,000 acres in the jungle.

1975 - Jones becomes involved in San Francisco politics, winning the friendship of several major political figures for his support of their campaigns.

1976 - Mayor George Moscone names Jones to the San Francisco Housing Authority and Jones' lawyer, Tim Stoen, is hired by District Attorney Joseph Freitas.

1977 - Articks critical of Jones, based on interviews with former Peoples Temple members, appear in New West magazine and in local newspapers. They charge that Jones has hoarded $5 million in property and cash and is beating members and taking advantage of the elderly. Jones resigns from the Housing Authority by shortwave radio from Jonestown in Guyana.

Nov. 7, 1978 - Rep. J. Ryan (D-Calif.) announces he plans to visit Jonestown to investigate charges made by constituents.

Nov. 13, 1978 - Ryan and his group visit Jonestown, are entertained and invited to stay overnight. The next day, while waiting for transport out of the area with a number of members who asked for help in leaving Jonestown, Ryan and four others are slain and a dozen others are injured in a barrage of gunfire. A short time later, some 400 Peoples Temple members commit suicide by drinking a blend of soft drink and cyanide. Jones' body is found with a bullet wound in the head. CAPTION: Picture, Jim Jones being filmed by NBC's Bob Brown who was later killed, Copyright (c) 1978, the San Francisco Examiner