Singer Barry Sadler, 37, fatally shot a countrymusic songwriter outside an apartment complex, police said. No charges were filed, pending further investigation of the shooting Friday night. Lee Emerson Bellamy, about 50, died in St. Thomas Hospital yesterday morning about seven hours after the shooting, which occurred in the parking lot of an apartment complex in west Nashville, where Sadler was visiting an unidentified woman, police said.

Gunfire, violence and sabotage flared on Ohio highways as a bitter strike by independent steel haulers entered its fourth week. The Ohio Highway Patrol said two trucks were shot at in Youngstown and another struck by a brick. In Wyandot County, persons armed with armed with a shotgun forced a trucker to stop along a highway and threatened him. No injuries were reported.

Ten persons sentenced to 60 days at hard labor for scaling the fence of the Seabrook nuclear power plant construction site in October have been freed on appeal, the county prosecutor said in Concord, N.H.

Researchers at Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, say they have uncovered a key link which causes the body's defensive cells to destroy cancerous cells -- and may lead to new cancer therapies. The link: cholesterol.

Former president Richard M. Nixon, returning from a seven-day European trip, arrived in New York yesterday for a 10-day stay during which he'll visit family and friends, do some Christmas shopping and attend to private business. His wife, Pat, was to fly in later from California.