Tyrone Briscoe, 18, who was released from the D.C. jail Wednesday on a $500 bond on a bank robbery charge, was taken into custody in D.C. Superior Court yesterday pending a hearing on revocation of his release from a youth detention center last July.

The D.C. Corporation Counsel's Office has asked the court to send Briscoe back to Oak Hill, the city's maximum detention facility for youth offenders in Laurel, Md., because Briscoe's two recent arrests as an adult on bank robbery charges violated the terms of his release. Briscoe spent seven months at Oak Hill on a juvenile bank robbery conviction.

Briscoe appeared at Superior Court for a hearing on the request scheduled for yesterday morning, but apparently sat for hours in the wrong courtroom while juvenile prosecutors, defense lawyers and an FBI agent looked for him. One of Briscoe's lawyers, Gregory B. Macaulay, said yesterday that he later found Briscoe sitting in the robbery squad office at police headquarters, where he was scheduled to give a handwriting sample and participate in a lineup.

Yesterday afternoon, Briscoe went back to the Superior Court with an FBI agent, but by then none of his three defense lawyers was available for the hearing on revocation of his release from Oak Hill.

Various sources said that Judge Richard R. Atkinson then rescheduled the hearing for Monday and ordered Briscoe into custody for the weekend.