F. Maswood Khan, the flamboyant, tuxedo-clad Pakistani playboy extraordinaire who traveled by Mercedes Benz as he dispensed million-dollar personal checks to strangers, was arraigned in federal court in New York yesterday and ordered held pending a hearing on Monday.

Khan, 40, who lived in Washington at 4515 W Street NW, was arrested in New York Friday on a D.C. Superior Court warrant charging him with threatening Pakistani Embassy officials, New York City police said.

Khan was apprehended when he walked into a New York police station claiming that he had been robbed. According to police, Khan reported that two men recognized him as "The Millionaire" and demanded that he write out some checks for them.

Shortly before his arrest Friday, Khan had several drinks at Flanagan's Bar on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Bartender Sam O'Connor said Khan gave him a $2 million check, according to UPI.

UPI reported that Khan told bar patrons he was a member of the Pakistani royal family and was "the richest man in the world."

Khan had been employed with the National Construction Company of Pakistan, but was dismissed after an incident in Dallas.

At that time, he reportedly went to several exclusive stores and bought expensive merchandise with a worthless American Express card, saying he would return the next day to pick up his goods after a credit check. He never showed up.

Later, at a fashionable discotheque, Khan bought a round of campagne for the house, sponsored a dance contest and gave out $2 million in checks to the winners and to a waitress.

Later that month, in Atlanta, Khan was arrested in connection with the nonpayment of a$174 bill at the Omni International Hotel. His penthouse in the hotel was padlocked when his American Express card was found to be worthless.