An Alexandria police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect during a hold-up at a 7-Eleven store early yesterday after the man allegedly pointed a shotgun at a woman hostage, police said.

Police identified the victim as John Wayne Hawes, 20, of 5602 Bloomfield Dr., in Fairfax County. Hawes was pronounced dead at Alexandria Hospital at 1:50 a.m.

Hawes was inside the store at 1667 N. Quaker La. in Alexandria when Officer James Carroll arrived outside on routine patrol, police said.

According to a 7-Eleven security official, Hawes demanded money and was given $50 by the store manager while a woman customer stood by.

"He asked if there was any more moeny. He said he wanted to put the employe and the customer in the vault. Then the employe noticed the policeman and tried to talk the suspect out of it," said Francis D'Addario, division security manager for 7-Eleven stores.

"The robber said he wanted the woman as a hostage. The employe offered himself, but the guy said 'no way' and took the woman. When they went out the front door, the woman broke free. He turned on her with the shotgun," said D'Addario.

Carroll shot Hawes once in the chest with his service revolver, police said. Carroll was placed on administrative leave pending an internal police investigation.

D'Addario praised the Alexandria police yesterday for stepping up late night patrols of stores in the area. "It's lucky that policeman was there," he said.