Chinese Communist Party Chairman Hua Kuofeng held an unprecedented press conference today to announce the establishment of full diplomatic relations with the United States.

In the first such meeting a top Chinese leader has ever held with the press in Peking, Hua, looking jovial and pleased, read the joint commumique timed with President Carter's announcement in Washington. The normalization of ties "is not directed against anyone," Hua said.

In a flash item, the New China News Agency said:

"The People's Republic of China and the United States of America have agreed to establish diplomatic relations as of January 1, 1979, according to a China-U.S. joint communique made public here this morning."

The agency called the agreement "a historical event in Sino-U.S. relations," that will end "a prolonged abnormal relationship."

It quoted the statement as saying Taiwan was a part of China and "as for the way of bringing Taiwan back to the embrace of the motherland and reunifying the country, it is entirely China's internal affair."

The statement emphasized that the government of the People's Republic of China was the sole legal government of China and Taiwan was a part of China.

The statement said the Taiwan problem "has been resolved" with the United States "in the spirit of the Shanghai Communique and through their joint efforts . . . "

During an 18-minute question-and-answer session, Hua stressed that Taiwan is "part of China's sacret territory. The Taiwanese people are kith and kin. It has been our consistant policy that all Chinese are patriots, whether they come forward later or now. I hope the Taiwanese people, like Hong Kong and Macao compatriots as well as overseas Chinese help toward the cause of the reunification of Taiwan."