The state Supreme Court will hear a request tomorrow to delay the firing-squad executions of two convicted killers scheduled to die Jan. 3, less than a year after the execution of Gary Gilmore.

The court agreed to the hearing after 3rd District Judge James Sawaya denied a request Friday for a stay-an order to delay the executions of Craig Marvell, 35, and Gypsy Codianna, 28.

Meanwhile, the attorney general's office said it would remove to vacate a stay Sawaya granted earlier for Irvin Dundson, 28. The three men were convicted of a 1975 murder.

The three, if Dunsdson's stay is lifted, would be first persons executed in the United States since the 36-year-old Gilmore was shot to death at the state prison on Jan. 17 last year.

Godianna, of Waterbury, Conn, Marvel, of Laguna Beach, Calif., and Dunsdon, of Bingham Canyon, Utah, were convicted in the 1975 slaying of Michael Hogan.

The victim had moved to Price, Utah, in fear of retribution after testifying against the head of a Salt Lake motorcycle club in a drug case. Hogan was dragged from his home, beaten, strangled, stabbed and shot a dozen times before his body was thrown in a canyon.