The Soviet Unions tonight issued its first cautions comment on the new Chinese-U.S. normalization of relations saying it threatens possible "new obstacles in the path of detente that will only cause joy in Peking."

Veteran Novosli news agency comentator Spartak Beglov's commentary may suggest the official Soviet response that will emerge in coming days to the Chinese-American diplomatic breakthrough.

Normalization of reelections is scheduled for Jan. 1, and the Soviets and Americans are scheduled this week to resume what could be the final round of talks leading to agreement on a new strategic arms limitation agreement and a summit meeting early next year in Washington between President Carter and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev.

The commentary does not name the United States, but concentrates on Moscow's view of the intentions of Peking, long its bitterst major adversary.

While the Soviet public desires normal relations among states, Beglov wrote, "we cannot be so blind that we do not see the way the Peking leadership subordinates all its moves in the international arena to the diplomatic principle "the worse the better." He adds: "In other words, if new obstacles arise in the path of detente, then that will only cause joy in Peking."

He charged that the Chinese leadership clearly shows it wants to "play the power game" from a position of strength, as seen in its moves to buy advanced arms from Western countries.

In recent months, the Soviet leadership has bitterly assailed the Chinese diplomatic offensive and warned Britain,,for example, of unspecified dire consequences if the British sell jet fighters to the Chinses.

"The harsh lessons of history remind that blind reliance on anti-Sovietism always ends in tension and war and the first victims turn out to be the inspires of such opportuist policies and their countries," Beglov warned.