A 25-year-old man who tried to force his way into U.S. Attorney General Giffin Bell's office at the Justice Department building Monday was subdued yesterday by security guards outside Bell's office after he made a second attempt.

D.C. police took Miller Branch Jr., of Sherman, Tex. into custody. He was charged with unlawful entry and assault. Branch got within 15 feet of the attorney general, who was in his office, before he was subdued, a spokesman for the Justice Department said. Branch was not armed.

The spokesman said Monday Branch showed a guard at the Justice building his driver's license, which wi similar to passes used by the Justice Ddepartment, and went to Bell's fifth floor outer office. When a receptionist there would not let him in, he tried to entr anyway, but that attempt was thwarted. He was subdued and police said they found a knife in his possession.

The spokesman said he was questioned and released four hours later.On Tuesday, Branch was subdued and held by security guards when he tried to enter the FBI building across the street from the Justice building. Police said they found a knife with a six-inch blade in his possession.

Police said Branch was taken to the District's detoxification center, and later was released.

The justice Department spokesman said Branch entered the Justice building again yeaterday, but was not challenged because he carried a paper that looked like a messenger's invoice.

Again, Branch bolted from the guard, but was found on the fourth floor sometime later and held.

The justice spokesman said Branch was taken to D.C. General Hospital where he was treated for scalp lacerations and turned over to D.C. police.