A decorated Navy pilot denied in court yesterday that he raped a 27-year-old Alexandria woman during a date last summer, but said he bound and beat her with her consent as part of a sexual encounter.

Lt. Cmdr. Christopher W. Gilluly, 32, wearing 12 Vietnam air combat ribbons on his uniform, told an Alexandria Circuit Court jury in a claim voice, "She didn't say no. She didn't say stop." The woman testified on Tuesday that she resisted his advances.

As his parents looked on from the front row, Gilluly said in a strong voice that there had been no "penetration" of the woman and that she had consented to the beatings.

Gilluly is charged with rape, sodomy, abduction and assault and battery. He could receive a life sentence if convicted of rape under Virginia law.

According to Gilluly, now a cost analyst at the Navy Annex, the two returned from a military dinner-dance to his Watergate at Landmark apartment in Alexandria in the early hours of July 8. "I said we could go back to my place and I could show her a few steps," he testified.

Gilluly said he showed the woman some disco dances and at 4:45 a.m. the woman said she wanted to go home. "I didn't consider it a very hard 'I think I should be going home' . . . I said, 'Why don't you come into the bedroom so I can show you my etchings.'"

Then, Gilluly testified, "I grabbed her and started kissing her.She kissed me back, I said, 'Have you ever been tied up?' She said 'no.' I asked if she wanted to try it. She said yes."

Gilluly said he then asked the woman if she had ever been spanked. "I said do you want to try? She said okay."

After going to the bedroom closet for a paddle and riding crop, introduced as evidence, Gilluly testified, "I hit her three times with the paddle. She said 'It stings. It doesn't feel good.'"

Then, he told the jury, he stopped. But Gilluly testified he continued to try to interest the woman in using other sexual aids.

Later, Gilluly said, the woman started to scream. "She said, 'You scared me. I want to go home.'" Gilluly testified that he went to the bathroom and that when he returned, the woman was gone.

Sexual paraphernalia confiscated by police after Gilluly's arrest has been introduced as evidence in the trial.

A number of character witnesses also testified yesterday on Gilluly's behalf. One of them, Robert G. Sullivan of Hyde Park, N.Y., who said he first met Gilluly in 1963 at Marquette University, described the defendant as "an absolute gentleman at all times."

The trial is scheduled to resume today to hear closing arguments.