Rhodesian planes attacked a Zambian military training camp yesterday in Central Province north of here, a government spokesman said on Radio Zambia.

In Salisbury, Rhodesia, a military spokesman said Rhodesian planes struck deep into Zambia against black nationalist guerrialla bases of the Patriotic Front. Zambian and Mozambican-based guerrillas of the Front are fighting an insurgency war against the whit-dominated Rhodesian government.

"At on of these camps ground forces personnel and black civilian abductees who were detained in a prison complex within the camp. They have all been brought back home." the Rhodesian spokesman said. The ground troops landed in light planes.

The attack was the first Rhodesian raid reported into Zambia since a series of airbone attacks against guerrilla camps in late October and early November.

If the Zambian reports proves accurate, the raid would be the first against a Zambian military target in the six-year Rhodesian guerrilla war.

In the past, whwn Rhodesians have reports attacks against guerrilla bases in Mozambique, the Mozambican government has frequently describe the targets hits as Mozambican military installations or towns.

Rhodesia has now acknowledge some 16 major raids into Mozambique or Zambia in the past 21/2 years. But they are known to have made many more border crossings in pursuit of fleeing guerrillas.

The latest acknowledged raid was against Mozambican targets on Dec. 11. The Rhodesians claimed their warplanes destroyed massive guerrilla arms dumps, while Radio Maputo said 25 Mozambicans were killed and 93 wounded.

The raids over the past three months are seen as an effort by Rhoesia to inflict as much damage on guerrilla bases as possible before the start of the rainy season, which curtails Rhodesia's use of its air power.