Evidence of a systematic anti-Semitic campaign by Soviet media has been compiled in a newly published study here by the Institute of Jewish Affairs.

The 105-page booklet consists of several hundred translated quotes from dailies, weeklies, books and broadcast. Among the involuntary contributors to the anthology of anti-Semitism are such well known organs as Pravda, Izvestia and Literaturnaya Gazeta.

All the quotes are taken from material published from 1975 on when, as the institute notes, no special crisis affected Soviet relations with Israel nor was there any domestic upheaval like that in Stalin's last months. In those years, however, substaintial numbers of Jews sought to leave the Soviet Union, embrassing the regime.

The institute, a professional research organization based here and supported in part by the World Jewish Congress, concludes that anti-Semitism is now a staple of Soviet policy.

The quoted material pictures Jews as cynical, criminal, exploitative, conspiratorial and calculating inciters of anti-Semitism. They are described as controlling the U.S. press, multinational corporations and, above all, corporate arms production. The Soviet literature equates Jews with racist Nazis and justified historical Russian massacres of Jews.

Here are some specimens from the institute study, "Soviet anti-Semitic Propaganda."

"If it [the Torah] is considered from the standpoint of modern civilization and Communinist morality, it proves to be an unsurpassed textbook of blood-thirstiness, hypocrisy, treacher, perfidy and moral degeneracy-all the basest human quanlities. Jewish and Christian hypocrites alive keep silent over this." (V. Ya. Begun, "Invasion Without Arms")

"In the 1930s, Jewish bands led by the gangsters Benny Siegal and Meir Lansky dominated the New York criminal underworld . . . At the time of Israel's cration, Lansky reached the top of the hierarchy of the criminal world . . . The murderer became the 'chief accountant' of the Mafia and one of the leaders of "Murder Incorporated."

"The American gangsters' services to Zionism were evidently so great that Tel Aviv granted citizenship without hesitation not only to Lnaksy but also to other generals of the American Mafia . . . And if we bear in mind that Israel has now become a "promised land" of crime, prostitution and corruption, then there is no doubt that the Israeli Army has an excess of similar cadres." (L. Korneyev, "Leaders-Gangsters," in Nedelya)

An insitute footnote observes at Lansky, who entered Israel on a tourist visa in 1970, was compelled to leave as an undersirable alien in 1972 after prolonged legal action that ended in the Jerusalem high court.

"But few know that of the 165 largest 'death concerns' in the West, 158 are controlled or directly owned ny the pro-Zionist bourgeoisie of Jewis origin." (L. Korneyev, "The Poisoned Weapon of Zionis," Krasnaya Zvezda.)

"It is no secret that many organs of the American press are under the direct or indirect control of the pro-Zionist big Jewish bourgeoisis." (V. Meschcheryakov, "With Someone Else's voice," Zhurnalist.)

"The Zionists have enmeshed in their web nearly a thousand papers out of the 1,811 that are published in the U.S.A. including such papers as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and others. The Zionists put pressure on such influential magazines as fortune, Time, newsweek and U.S. news and World Report." (B. Antionov, "America in the Web of the Zionists," Moskovskaya Pravda)

"In unison with the Nazis of the Second world War vintage, Zionists hold forth about "The pure blood of the Jewish nation," denounce 'mixed' marriages between Jews and non-Jews and, in the first place, between Jews and Arabs." (Y. Andreyev, "Zionism as a Form of Racism and Racial Discrimination," Socialism: Theory and Practice)

"German fascism considerde the Germans to be the purest and highest race: for the Zionists, it is the Jews who are such a race." (S. Levitan, "Zionism is the Brother of Racism," Sovetskaya Latviya)

The Institute of Jewish Affairs plans to distribute its booklet in the United States, probably trough the World Jewish Congress.