John W. Gacy Jr., the convicted sex offender at whose home 27 bodies have been unearthed, reportedly has written letters in which he admitted that "some things said about me are true" and that he had "been sick for a very long time."

Philip Hardiman, county director of corrections, confirmed that Gacy wrote two letters last week, but he refused to disclose their contents. One was to Gacy's mother, he said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that one of the letters was intended for Sun-Times columnist Mike Royko and WBBM-TV anchorman Walter Jacobson. The paper said the letter to the newsmen was intercepted and turned over to the office of the state's attorney.

In the letter to his mother, the Sun-Times reported, Gacy said he had been "sick of a very long time, both mentally and physically" and "please for-give me." The letter also said "the end is near" and Cacy asked to be buried next to "Uncle Ray... if I die." the Sun-Times said.

Gacy, 36, reportedly confessed to sexually molesting and muredering 32 boys and young men, including five he reportedly claimed to have thrown in the Des Plaines River. He has been charged with murdering one youth, whose body reportedly was thrown in the river but has not yet been found.