Hundreds of angry Iranian demonstrators stormed the palatial residence of the shah of Iran's mother and sister today, overturning a police car, setting several brush fires asn smashing windows in the mansion.

At least 35 persons were injured during a 45-minute melee that police broke up with tear gas and high-pressure fire hoses. Thirteen demonstrators were taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital with injuries, but none was reported to be serious, said hospital spokesman Larry Baum. Twenty-two Iranians were taken to UCLA Medical Center with minor injuries, officials said.

Some persons were injured when they were reportedly hit by sheriff's cars during the battle that, for a time, immobilized this Los Angeles suburb.

Sheriff's spokesman Chet Ballou said five or six students were arrrsted at the home for investigation of assaults on law officers.

As the demonstrators retreated from the house, hundreds of policemen, sheriff's deputies and highway patrolmen herded them back along the demonstration route, and corralled them into a carricaded area near the Beverly Hills business district. There, authorities began releasing the calmed students in small groups.

The demonstration was held to support those in Iran seeking to over-throw the shah's regime.

"It was planned as a peaceful demonstration," said Mina Azad, spokes-woman for the protesting Iranians.

Asked why the fires were set, she said: "You have to understand. A lot of those people have relatives and friends who have been killed by the shah's regime. There's a lot of anger and hatred. When we see the police protecting the shah's family, there is going to be a reaction."

She added: "We're going to demonstrate as long as they're here. We're not going to let them steal from the Iranian people and then conme here and live in peace."

Police and sheriff's deputies formed a solid protective wall around the house. About 2,000 persons marched to the house, but only a tenth of them stormed the estate.

Students set fire to their placards and then tossed them onto the hillside below the house. The flames spread quickly in the thick, dry brush and briefly threatened the estate and other residences in the exclusive neighborhood before they were brought under control.

Police sprayed water from highpressure hoses and shot tear gas canisters at the crowd, creating an acrid combination of tear gas and smoke, sending the demonstrators fleeing down the hillside. Some officers had their pistols drawn, but no shots were fired.

Many of the students continued to set fires as they rae, and told motorists who had driven into the area. "Go back! We don't want to hurt anyone."

The shah's mother, Queen Mother Pahlavi, Tajol Ul Molouk, who is in her 90s, and his sister, Princess Chams, were at home during the demonstration. Neither was injured.

The demonstrators marched peacefully for an hour through quiet, palmlined streets of this community about 10 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.

But when the first contingent arrived at the base of the 80-foot hill under the Iranian princess' mansion, they broke ranks and began throwing rocks and bottles. Then the fires began.

Beverly Hills is a separate community with its own police and ifre departments.

Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates said he had received calls for help from Beverly Hills authorities and had sent command officers to observe the situation and see if help should be provided by Los Angeles police.

A spokesman for the Iranians claimed there were between 2,000 and 2,500 demonstrators and that that included other foreign students.

A neighbor, Bertie Murphy, said:

"I looked out the window and saw people climbing all over the house, and there was smoke and flames all around. I don't know why the authorities don't come in here and round them up and ship them back to where they came from.

"My granddaughter called the police, and they told her to tell me to stay in the house and keep the doors locked. "I'm afraid to go through that crowd."

Two hours after the first violence, the students had retreated back to the Sunset area.

The queen mother had been in seclusion at the home since she arrived Saturday on an Iranian air force jutliner.