A French correspondent in Hanoi reported today that the Chinese ambassador to Vietnam and his military attache have returned to Peking as Chinese here continue to express concern over Vietnamese moves against Cambodia.

The Agence France-Presse correspondent in Vietnam said that according to a diplomatic source Ambassador Yang Kung-su left Hanoi Monday. This followed a statement by Chinese Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-ping, also made Monday that Moscow and Hanoi are making trouble fo urs every day, sometimes compelling us to take steps we would not be willing to take.

The Chinese Foreikgn Ministry said tonight it so far had no information to give out on the report. Since Yang took up his post as ambassador a few weeks ago, there have been several violent incidents on the Sinno-Vietnamese border. Hanoi-supported attacks on China's ally, Cambodia, have increased and Peking has cut its rail links with Vietnam.

Peking has moved step by step in cutting ties with Hanoi as the two former allies have split over the Cambodian situation, discrimination against ethnnic Chinese in Vietnam and tension on their mutual border. China cut off all aid to Vietnam in mid-1978 and has regularly accused the Southeast Asian Communist state of being a tool of the Soviet Union, China's principal enemy.

Agence France-Presse in Hanoi said Yang and a man the agency identified as Luu Tinh-Wey, the Chinese Embassy military attache, returned to Peking on Monday for a stay of indefinite duration. Peking's previous ambassador to Vietnam also returned to Peking unexpectediy last year, but some diplomates attributed this to bad health and Yang was appointed as a replacement.