A Cook County grand jury today indicted John Wayne Gacy for seven murders.

If convicted, the 36-year-old remodeling contractor could be sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Cook County State's Attorney Bernard Carey said the grand jury is continuing its investigation and may return other indictments against Gacy.

Gacy reportedly has admitted that he homosexually raped and murdered 32 boys and young men, which would be the mass murder record in America.

Since Gacy's arrest three days before Christmas, authorities have recovered 29 bodies and are dragging area rivers for three others, including that of 15-year-old Robert Piest.

Gacy was charged with the Piest's murder shortly after his arrest, but one of the indictments returned today was for that murder and supersedes the original charge.

Under the original charge of simple first-degree murder, prosecutors apparently could not have sought the death penalty. However, the grand jury indicted Gacy for the murder of Piest in connection with three felonies -- aggravated kidnaping, deviate sexual assault and taking indecent liberties with a child.

If convicted in the Piest case, Gacy could be subject to the death penalty, since murder in connection with a felony is a capital offense in Illinois.

There were no felonies alleged in the other six murders for which Gacy was indicted today. Thus, the death penalty could not be sought in a single murder. But if convicted of two or more of the murders, the death penalty could be sought because multiple murder is a capital offense in Illinois.

The other murders for which Gacy was indicted were those of John But-kovich, 18; Richard Johnston, 17; Gregory Godzik, 17; John A. Szyc, 19; Frank Landingin, 19, and James Mazzara, 20.

Perhaps as early as tomorrow, prosecutors will go before the grand jury with the cases of four more victims who were identified over the weekend. They are Michael L. Bonnin, 17, John Prestige, 20, Robert E. Gilroy, 18, and Russell L. Nelson, 22.

The other corpses linked to Gacy have not yet been identified.

Whether or not Gacy is fit to stand trial will be determined through psychiatric examination. The first psychiatric report on Gacy is to be presented to Judge Richard A. Fitzgerald on Wednesday.