The Supreme Court meets today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the following cases listed for oral argument.

Case No. 76-1309 -- U.S. vs. Caceres. In a criminal case in which the government didn't comply with one of its own regulations -- a regulation required neither by the Constitution nor by the law -- may a court suppress otherwise admissible and relevant evidence? (23 min.)

Case No. 77-926 -- Cannon vs. University of Chicago. Civil Rights Act of 1962. Under Title IX (the 1972 education amendments), which bans sex discrimination in "any education program or activity receiving federal assistance," is a private individual empowered to sue a recipient of such aid? (1 hr.)

Case No. 78 Original -- California vs. Arizona and U.S. Which state owns a 11.3-mile stretch of former Colorado River beds and channels? (1 hr.)

Case No. 77-1439 -- Hughes vs. Oklahoma. Commerce clause.Constitutionality of Oklahoma law barring taking for out-of-state sale minnows seized or procured from Oklahoma waters, unless raised by licensed commercial hatcheries. (1 hr).

Case No. 77-1722 -- Dalia vs. U.S. Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. Can federal law-enforcement agents authorized by a judge to wiretap, without telling him or getting his approval, break into an office in order to install, maintain and remove electronic listening devices? (1 hr.)