FORMER PRESIDENT NIXON has been nominated for a Grammy in the category of "best spoken word recording" for his television interview with David Frost. Once we get past the mandatory jokes (How many minutes are missing from the recording? At last Nixon has a record, too), this is a heartening turn of events. Barred practically and legally from pursuing certain careers, Mr. Nixon is not barred from pursuing all. Other politicians -- notably Senators Everett Dirksen and Sam Ervin -- have cut records. Why not the best?

After all, Mr. Nixon has already established himself as a star of the "spoken word." His interview with Mr. Frost was certainly more memorable as entertainment than as history. And the Frost interview was merely the latest in a whole series of televised recordings in which Mr. Nixon long ago found his metier. If Mr. Nixon wins the Grammy, we fully expect to see television ads for "Richard Nixon's Golden Hits." There will be the beautiful "Cloth Coat" and "Checkers" speeches, of course, and the classic non-swan song "You Won't Have Richard Nixon to Kick Around Any More," and the inspiring "Pitiful Helpless Giant;" not to mention the "I Love America" Watergate speech, or the heartwarming "I Am Not a Crook," televised live from Disneyworld -- a roll-by of titles while the sound of that inimitable voice brings a gulp to the national throat.

In short, the man is ready for stardom, and ready for his Grammy. May we say -- for what must surely be the first time -- we hope Mr. Nixon wins.