Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, increasing pressure on the Iranian government despite the departure of his foe, the shah, called today for continuation of a general strike there and directed his followers to take part in a mass protest march Friday.

Even more important than the end of the Pahlavi dynasty, said the exiled religious leader, will be the "end of foreign domination" -- apparently a reference to anticipated conflicts with the United States.

While there had been speculation that Khomeini might return to Iran immediately upon the shah's departure, he made it clear today that he domands more. Ibrahim Yazdi, a close aide, said that the "illegal and treasonous" government of Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar and the regency council representing the shah must also resigh.

Khomeini, who has become a rallying point for religious opponents of the shah, welcomed the monarch's departure today as "the first step toward complete abdication of 50 years of Pahlavi brutality."

"allah akhbar " -- God is great -- Khomenini proclaimed when he heard the news of the shah's takeoff from Iran over radio Tehran's shortwav broadcast.

Outside the small suburban Paris villa that has served since October as his exile headquarters, an overflow crowd of his followers broke into cheers and excited hugs and handshakes.

"long live Khomeini!" they chanted.

It was a monent of triumph for which Khomeini had worked for decades. His father, also a Moslem religious leader, was killed by the shah's father and Khomeini's followers are convinced that it was the present shah's secret police that killed his eldest son in 1977.

Khomeini's aides said privately that their leader would stay here until the Bakhtiar government is out of power.

"I will return to Iran at the first proper time," Khomeini was quoted as saying.

Khomeini said it was 'a national and religious obligation" for his followers to take part in a mass march Friday against the Bakhtiar Cabinet, the monarchy and the shah's "collaborators."

"The shah's departure is not the final victory. It is the preface to our victory," Khomeini told the crowd of followers and journalists as he stood on the steps that go up to the tent where he leads the faithful here in prayer.

In a communique issued before the shah's departure. Khomeini called on the army to prevent what he said were reported American attempts to destroy or to dismantle military equipment "bought with the money of the people."

Any Iranian who premits the Americans to take back sophisticated weapons sold to Iran would be committing "treason against his country and Islam," it said.

The communique also declared all of the shah's possessions, at home and abroad -- estimated at billions of dollard -- to be public property. It said that the new Islamic government Khomeini seeks to recover the shah's deposits in banks abroad.

Khomeini and his aides repeated their intention to proclaim a provisional government soon to organize elections for a constituent assembly that will write a new constitution. "I will introduce the provisional government very soon," said Khomeini, hwo insists that he will not take part directly in government but will "guide" and "correct" its actions.

Yazdi said that a list of government members published here yesterday by the newspaper Le Monde was "not authentic." It included Yazdi and Sadegh Gotbzadeh, the other Khomeini aide who acts as a contact with the press. It also included leaders of the National Front, the main secular opposition party.

The aides said that Khimeini does not want members of the National Front in his government. Nevertheless, this evening he received an emissary of Karim Sanjabi, the Front's leader.

As dawn was breaking over Paris, Gotbzadeh spoke skeptically of the news that the shah was about to leave.

As the shah's plane finally left Tehran, however, even the most skeptical of Kohmeini's supporters dropped their reserve. Khomeini had warned that the shah's top generals were plotting to steal the religious movement's victory in an army takeover.

With a rare smile on his face, Khoemini said, "The time for a military coup is over. Whoever does not understand that will soon know what the result will be."