Four hundred students demonstrating in the Central African Empire against the government of Emperor Bokassa I were reported shot and killed Jan. 19, according to a statement to the press in Montreal by the country's exiled former ambassador to UNESCO, Makombo Bambote.

Death sentences for three leaders of the 1967 military coup in Greece were automatically commuted as the three-year time limit for execution of the three, convicted in 1976 of high treason, was allowed to expire.

Algeria's ruling National Liberation Front opened a congress to choose the official candidate to succeed the late President Houari Boumediene.

A Cuban exile spokesman said Cuba is about to release 30 former political prisoners associated with Catholic Church organization in a gesture coinciding with the visit of Pope John Paul II to Latin America.

Commerce Secretary Juanita Kreps in Saudi Arabia for a three-day visit, held talks on economic relations with Saudi Commerce Minister Suleiman Salim.

In their first public appearance since being purged during the 1960s Cultural Revolution, former Peking mayor Peng Chen and former vice primier Lu Ting-yi attended a lunar New Year party of Chinese Communist Party and government officials, the New China News Agency said.