Fairfax County Supervisor Audrey Moore (D-Annandale) last night accused her colleagues of secretly approving a settlement that could lead to lower sewer-connection fees for home builders.

'That's not true!" Supervisor Joseph Alexander (D-Lee) shouted as Mrs. Moore read her prepared statement.

Chairman John F. Herrity said Mrs. Moore should be permitted to finish her statement. But Alexander, growing angrier, said: "There's no sense in finishing something that's false."

After finishing, Moore made a motion calling for the issue to go to public hearing, but no one seconded her proposal, so it died.

According to Moore, a group of builders would drop their suit against Fairfax County and the sewer-rate issue would be studied by a consultant chosen by both parties. The consultant, according to Mrs. Moore, would recommend a method for setting the connection fee, which was increased from $1,000 to $1,500 a year ago.

Moore said that under the settlement, the rate could be lowered to a certain level -- which she declined to reveal.

Moore, in her statement, said that any reduction in the connection fee -- which is used to help finance sewer plant and pipeline construction -- would have to be made up through higher rates for all users. Only new home purchasers have to absorb the connection fee now.

Builders have charged that the $1,000 connection fee is $500 higher than necessary.