B'nai Yeshua, a Hebrew Christian organization, and the Synagogue Council of America are on opposing sides regarding the use of a Hebrew term as a trademark.

B'nai Yeshua, which seeks to win Jews to a born-again style of Christianity, has filed an application with the U.S. Trademark and Appeal Board in Washington in an effort to get approval for its use of the word "Shechinah" as a trademark for its annual national conference. The Hebrew term is used to denote God's presence.

In its opposing brief, the Synagogue Council contends that B'nai Yeshua's use of the term is "deceptive" because it "falsely suggests that applicant espouses the Jewish religion."

According to the Synagogue Council, the use of the term "falsely suggests a connection between applicant (B'nai Yeshua) and the Jewish religion and Jewish religious organizations."

But Mike Evans, director of B'nai Yeshua, says the use of the term "emphasizes our faith in the Biblical promises that God will dwell among us and within men. Many Christian groups use Hebrew words. Certainly, we as Jews who believe in Jesus as Messiah may use them as well."

B'nai Yeshua has been using the term "Shechinah" for its annual conferences President's sister, canceled a scheduled Ruth Carter Stapleton, the Presidenths sister, canceled a scheduled appearance before the group's convention after being urged to do so by several Jewish and Christian groups.