Cambodia's new rulers announced today the opening of the first Vietnam-style "re-eduction center" for officials of the ousted Khmer Rouge government.

The Khmer Rouge continued to claim battlefield victories while official Vietnamese and Cambodian news media insisted their forces controlled Cambodia unopposed. Observers at the Thai border reported stepped-up but still small-scale fighting outside the market town of Poipet.

The news agency of the pro-Hanoi Cambodian government said 100 former Khmer Rouge officials were enrolled in a re-education center in Svay Rieng Province on the Vietnamese border. It appeared to have the same purpose as similar camps set up in South Vietnam following the Communist victory in 1975.

The agency report predicted, "At the completion of a short course, these people will be completely free of their reactionary nature." It has been estimated that in Vietnam, 50,000 people remain in the centers 3 1/2 years after the war's end.

On the continued fighting, a seniro Thai source said Vietnam is moving more troops into Cambodia to try to crush the forces of fallen premier Pol Pot. The official sid Vietnam had moved two or three divisions acrosss its western border into Cambodia.

Western sources, while not confirming the Thai report, agreed with Thai analysts that the 100,000-man Vietnamese invasion force that blitzed through Cambodia starting Dec. 25 did not have the men to launch new offensives against the Khmer Rouge.