The bound, clothed body of an 11-year-old school girl was found yesterday about 10 hours after she was abducted from her post as a school crossing guard, police said.

Sgt. Gary Miller of the police Juvenile Bureau said Linda Vanderveen was found dead with her hands tied behind her back. She was lying in an open area behind a cluster of apartments and condominiums.

"It's kind of the high-rent district... there's lots of people around. We think somebody must have seen something and we hope they'll call us," Miller said.

The girl, daughter of the city personnel director, was abducted around 8 a.m. near Mulick Park Elementary School, within two miles of the spot where her body was found. A witness told police she struggled frantically as she was dragged into a car.

Her books, satchel and clarinet were found on the corner along with a steak knife, police said. Fingerprint tests on the knife provided no clue to the identity of the abductor, police said.

Miller said police could not immediately detect signs of violence on the body.

There was no word whether the abduction might be linked to the job held by the girl's father, Andrew Vanderveen.

Police said a man fitting the description of the one seen with Linda had also been seen near other schools recently.

They said no ransom demand had been received.