A senior Soviet official was quoted yesterday as saying that the Kremlin views Iran as heading onto a revolutionary socialist path similar to that already followed by Angola, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

Boris Ponomarev, an alternate member of the ruling Politburo, made the remarks in a speech Monday. It was published in the authoritative Moscow newspaper Pravda yesterday. Speaking about successes of the "socialist camp," Ponomarev said:

"Anti-imperialistic revolutions have won in Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and Afghanistan. The last fascist strongholds in Europe have been brought down. The government of [Shahpour] Bakhtiar has fallen in Iran. The army took the side of the people. The revolution is winning."

A separate editorial in Pravda yesterday asserted that recent developments in Iran create "favorable precedents" for the expression of the people's will and warned that foreign intervention in Iran is "impermissible."

The Soviet Union recognized the government of Mehdi Bazargan on Monday night. The Bazargan government was recognized yesterday by Poland, India and Denmark.

The official Chinese news agency yesterday reported the transfer of power in Tehran without comment.

In Jerusalem, former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin said in a television interview that Saudi Arabia will be the next target of the wave of Islamic fanaticism that swept Iran. He called the fall of the shah one of the most serious blows against the Western world since the end of World War II.