Five Miami policemen who stormed the wrong house in a narcotics raid have been suspended while authorities investigate a school teacher's claim he was beaten while the house was ransacked.

Former Tennessee governor Ray Blanton's liaison man with the Memphis black community and a state liquor agent both pleaded innocent to federal extortion charges which alleged they granted a nightclub drink license in exchange for cash.

A South Dakota federal judge has ruled that public school students in Sioux Falls can sing Christmas carols at holiday programs even though it exceeds "the bounds of what is constitutionally permissible (because) it has become integrated into our national culture."

U.S. highway deaths topped 50,000 in 1978 (50,145) for the first time since the 55 mile per hour speed limit was imposed, government officials said here.

Former Democratic representative Frank M. Clark has pleaded guilty to one count of income tax evasion and one count of mail fraud in Pittsburgh for obtaining federal paychecks for his campaign staff and workers who maintained his Bessemer, Pa., home.

Nelson Rockefeller's four older children said in a New York statement they are satisfied that aide Megan Marshack and others did everything they could to save the former vice president's life when he suffered a heart attack Jan. 26 and that they "do not intend to make any further public comment."

A man walked into the downtown Jacksonville, Fla., bank where his wife works, handed her a flower, then pulled a gun and critically wounded her in the head.