Senate Minority Leader Howard H. Baker Jr. (R-Tenn.) today called on the Carter administration to adopt a policy of retaliation to incidents like Wednesday's assassination of Ambassador Adolph Dubs in Afghanistan and the guerrilla assault on the U.S. embassy in Iran.

Baker said President Carter should consider "Entebbe-type raids and economic sanctions" in response to such incidents.

"There is a growing view that America is a patsy and that we never retaliate," Baker said. "We do more with someone who shoots a cop than someone who assassinates an ambassador."

Baker, testing the political waters in New England for a possible 1980 presidential campaign, had no specific suggestions on what the administration should have done in Wednesday's incidents. But, he said, "... We have to let people know that American ambassadors and embassies are off limits."

"Otherwise, all our people are sitting ducks," he added later.

At a news conference here, Baker characterized administration foreign policy as one of "indecision and failure." He said U.S. officials should have anticipated problems at the Tehran embassy and taken protective measures.

Baker is nearing the end of an eight-day nationwide swing, during which he has repeatedly attacked Carter's foreign policy.