U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph (Spike) Dubs had no security guards with him when he was kidnaped from his car Wednesday in Kabul, the State Department said yesterday.

Spokesman Hodding Carter III said Kabul was not considered to be a mission of maximum danger, so security guards were not required to accompany him.

The career diplomat, 58, was killed during a gun battle when Afghan police stormed the hotel room where he was taken by his captors.

Correcting a statement made Wednesday, the spokesman said the Afghans did give brief advance notice before they stormed the hotel.

Between the notification and the decision to rush the building, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance ordered the embassy to convey the deep concern of the U.S. government, Carter said.

"He again requested that they not" rush the hotel, he said.

Dubs was held captive for four hours before the gun battle.

A U.S. Embassy doctor said the ambassador died almost immediately of multiple gunshot wounds. The United States has been unable to determine where the shots came from.

American diplomatic sources said Wednesday that the kidnapers had demanded the release of three arrested Moslem religious leaders. But Kabul radio said yesterday that the governement was given 10 minutes to release a man called Behruddin Bahis, who it said was not living in the country.

Dissident Moslems now based in Pakistan said they were not involved in the kidnaping and claimed that Behruddin Bahis was a well known Afghan Marxist associated with the ruling Peoples Party.