Five Teamsters Union officials, including four questioned in connection with the disappearance of James R. Hoffa, were indicted in Newark on racketeering charges in an alleged scheme to accept funds from trucking firms to ensure labor peace.

National Center for Disease Control officials said in Atlanta that 100 cases of Reye's Syndrome a rare but deadly complication of certain virus infections, have been reported this winter on the heels of Russian influenza outbreaks across the country.

Louis Werner, latest suspect in the $5.8 million robbery at the Lufthansa German Airlines cargo hangar at Kennedy Airport, was promised $300,000 to set up the theft, according to an FBI affidavit filed in Brooklyn U.S. District Court.

Backers of the Equal Rights Amendment in the North Carolina House, defeated in their push for ratification this year, voted to kill a bill that would have authorized a statewide referendum.

Peace returned to the strike-bound Imperial Valley, Calif., lettuce fields where sheriff's deputies clashed with more than 1,000 farm workers Wednesday in a melee that injured five persons.

University of Notre Dame senior Andrew M. Sowder, 21, of Idalou, Tex., died in a South Bend, Ind., hospital after lying in a coma since Sunday with a rare form of meningitis which he apparently contracted on a skiing trip to Michigan.